All about Futon Pad

Futon Pad Blue

Futon Pad Blue

The futon pad is the traditional Japanese bed. Originally it consisted of a mattress and a folded and foldable cover to be stored during the day and allow other uses to the room, in addition to the bedroom. The authentic futons are usually low, just 5 cm. of height and have an outer cover with cotton filling usually. Often they sell sets that include the mattress, a quilt and the pillow. In the West the original idea of ​​the futon has undergone some modifications.

In general, they are thicker and are placed on a frame that can act as a bed and a sofa. This type of furniture is mainly welcomed in a young segment as it is a comfortable, practical and economical alternative to traditional bedding, although there are also models of high design with a certain elitist air. In any case, the choice of a futon pad always reveals a certain attraction for oriental aesthetics and culture.

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We present in the first place a complete set of support or tatami, futon, edrerdón and pillows, in dark tones to match a rectangular mirror headboard. A model very faithful to the authentic tradition of the futon pad and that acclimatizes elegantly to the modern and avant-garde lifestyle of the West.

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